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Clean Kitchen Vents

Kitchen vents are easily overlooked and can be a serious health issue. Birds, which carry diseases and parasites, nest in these  vents, causing damage and unsanitary conditions. Once the kitchen vent gets blocked with a bird nest, there is a back-drafting of carbon dioxide gas, humidity and parasites onto your kitchen stove top. This could cause the kitchen vent fan motor to overheat, resulting in the destruction of the element. We strongly suggest the installation of animal guards to prevent this from happening to you. We call this our clean and screen method.

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Kerrana Inc - DBA Johnson Chimney Service/Home Vent Experts specializes in a host of services such as chimney cleaning, damper replacement and repair, chimney relining, chimney caps, solar attic fans, animal removal, furnace and dryer vent cleaning.

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Kerrana Inc - DBA Johnson Chimney Service/Home Vent Experts have represented quality service for over 40 years. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, we have become synonymous with the best service money can buy. Learn more...

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