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Furnace and Duct Cleaning - Gas and Oil

Johnson Chimney and Johnson Power Vac, Inc. removes all dirt and debris with our industrial high-power vacuum removal system. We also brush out the heat exchanger chamber, brush, clean, and inspect burners. Each cleaning includes a complete inspection and detection of carbon monoxide leaks.

Indoor Air Duct Cleaning

(Check out the before and after duct cleaning photos!)

Recommended Cleaning Schedule: Every two to four years.

Step 1: Starting with the room farthest from the furnace, we blow 150 pounds of pressure down toward the furnace, where simultaneously our high-powered industrial power vacuum system removes all debris. The procedure is a combination of forced air and suction. Included is the return, supply, and blower motor.


Step 2: Our sanitizing process is registered by the EPA, as a complete bacteriostat, fungistat, germistat, and all-purpose deodorizer. Applied after our basic cleaning to control odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, animal, and smoke odor, the process kills 90% of the micro-organisms that live in your air-duct systems.

Johnson's Procedure for Duct Cleaning

  • We start with a tour of the property with the client to locate where vents, main ducts and furnace are.
    In this step we try to uncover any special concerns or needs.

  • Then we connect our HEPA Air Care Negative Air Machine to an access opening in the main duct line. This is where all the dust and debris will be collected.

  • After that we start cleaning the vents from the top of the house.

  • All supply vents will be air washed with 180 PSI of a truck mounted compressed air to push the dirt and debris towards the main duct.

  • All returns vents will be removed and whipped with the octopus to dislodge caked on debris and air sweep towards the main line.

  • We will show you the video camera images of before and after cleaning. (See still photos below.)

  • Then all main lines will be cleaned through access openings.

  • The filter will be checked and replaced (when clients provide filter).

  • Service opening doors will be installed in compliance with Standard 05 of NADCA.

  • Sanitizer treatment will be applied to kill all dust mites, bacteria, mildew and odors.

  • Once a customer approves and signs, the job will be finished.


Check out these before and after Duct Cleaning photos!

before duct cleaning photo after duct cleaning photo

Which air would you rather breathe?

before duct cleaning photo after duct cleaning photo


This is an "octopus" tool.

Duct connected to HEPA Air Care Negative Air Machine, in an access opening in the main duct line.
connected to HEPA Air Care Negative Air Machine


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