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Chimney Services

Recommended Cleaning Schedule--- A chimney should be cleaned and/or inspected once a year.

Chimney Cleaning

All chimneys are cleaned either top down or bottom up with our steel and/or nylon brushes. Each cleaning also includes a safety inspection to reduce the risk of a chimney fire and insure proper conditions.

Exhausto Chimney Fan

The EXHAUSTO Chimney Fan is the guaranteed solution to stop smoking fireplaces. EXHAUSTO's extremely quiet and reliable chimney fan maintains the perfect draft to ensure a smoke free environment.

Chimney Relining

Johnson Chimney Service can completely reline both furnace and fireplace chimneys.

Chimney Caps

We install stainless steel (lifetime warranty) rain and animal guards for all size chimneys.

Chimney Cap-Damper

Save up to 30% on your energy bills by having the latest in technology in a chimney damper that properly seals. The "Ice Breaker" top sealing chimney cap-damper keeps the heat in your home in the winter and the cold air in your home in the summer. If your chimney is not properly sealed, it's like leaving your front door open all year long! That could be $350 - $500 going up your chimney per year. These stainless steal cap-dampers come with a lifetime guarantee.

Fireplace Services

Fireplace Repair

Our professional repair services include flashing, mortar crown, point up, and tuck pointing, as well as firebox walls and dampers, both major and minor.

Gas Fireplace Repair & Maintenance


Refractory Panel Replacement for Pre-fabricated Fireplaces

We are pleased to make available an innovation in custom-made refractory panels and eliminate the typically long wait for special orders by other chimney sweeps. A "Cut to Fit" refractory panel is made from the highest quality materials available, with maximum life in mind. Every refractory panel is customed cut for your fireplace. Call us today!

First Rate Service

Kerrana Inc - DBA Johnson Chimney Service/Home Vent Experts specializes in a host of services such as chimney cleaning, damper replacement and repair, chimney relining, chimney caps, solar attic fans, animal removal, furnace and dryer vent cleaning.

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Kerrana Inc - DBA Johnson Chimney Service/Home Vent Experts have represented quality service for over 40 years. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, we have become synonymous with the best service money can buy. Learn more...

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